Let the Fires Burn Tonight: Elephant Revival Love

Cultivate Clarity

Do you know the band Elephant Revival? I was introduced to them last summer in the Breitenbush kitchen and have been thoroughly obsessed with them ever since.

And then this winter, while I was in the swampy depths of heartache–both for the painful way a lover and a friend treated me and the way I treated a friend–I heard these words: “Let the fires burn tonight, let the jugs of wine get drunk. Let the truth be known tonight, don’t go let yourself hide….”

Those words became a prayer I haven’t stopped singing since. So now I’m going to evangelize and share the love with you. Check out one of Elephant Revival’s live recording of Sing to the Mountain here. And then keep listening to the whole damn set. They’re so good.

And if you can play the guitar at least as mediocrely as me, you can use the chords I wrote…

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