Truth or Dare? Dare.

Cultivate Clarity

souwester sunsetThis week, I’m living in a trailer. A super snazzy trailer at the Sou’Wester Lodge and Trailer Park on the Washington coast. They give discounted rates to artists for short residencies, so here I am! [You should check it out too… it’s awesome.]

Of course I had all kinds of grand visions about finally writing all the stories that have been accumulating in the backlog of my brain; procuring invitations to teach creative writing and mindfulness workshops at schools and organizations all over the country; and creating a clear and crisp timeline for manifesting all my goals for the week, month, year, and life.

I have an evening and a morning left, but the truth is that I have done a lot more walking than writing. Partially because I lose track of time and accidentally walk much farther than I intend, and partially because my creative mind depends on it. I don’t know why this feels…

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