The Silk Worm by Rumi

Cultivate Clarity

tom killion Usal Beach, Lost Coast. Woodcut by Tom Killion

Here’s the awesome thing about telling people that you’re all about love: They start sending you pictures of found hearts and quotations about love and poems about connecting to the whole fucking universe! It’s awesome and I’m so grateful to all of you who send me such things.

I’m thinking about this in this particular moment because I just got a card with a print by one of my favorite artists in the mail from one of my workshop participants, and along with a welcomed check was the awesome Rumi poem below. I am so filled up.

But first, I ask you…. what do you want to declare to the world that you’re all about?? What kinds of images, words, and experiences do you want to prompt others to think of YOU? Try shouting your most heartfelt delights out into the world and see what echoes back! xoxo Bex

The Silk Worm

found heart on ice Found heart…

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