Dote on Your Luscious Self: Wise Words from Whitman

Cultivate Clarity

IMG_4219As someone who is consistently attempting to cultivate presence and gratitude and love and all that good, groovy, and intangible stuff, I often get lost in the windy realm of my mind and forget about my earthly body altogether.

And as a human being raised in this culture that publicly celebrates human bodies only when they are off-the-bell-curve gorgeous or athletic, it’s easy to forget that this body, right here, is an amazing and unique form that is connected to all beings through our shared four-billion-year evolutionary journey.

It’s easy to forget that this body is capable of taking in oxygen and pumping it through every blood vessel and digesting food and feeling the sweet heat from a rainy-afternoon fire…. without a conscious thought. It’s pretty badass, really. And something to honor with sensual pleasure.

IMG_8852And yet, I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency to get caught up with the quiet, insidious…

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