Writing Prompt Wednesdays: We Are All in Transition All the Time

Cultivate Clarity

IMG_6949The Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron writes something like, “We are all in transition all the time. Sometimes it’s just more obvious than others.”

At the writing retreat deep in the Opal Creek Wilderness last weekend, we took this notion to heart and drew inspiration from the ancient forest’s neverending display of transformation. Birth. Death. Decay. Fertilization. Sprouting. Growth. Blossoming. Fruiting. Spreading Seed. Birth. It’s got it all and then some.

Realistically, we are often experiencing many of these things at once: A long-term relationship may be falling apart while we’re taking a huge leap in our creative lives, a baby is on the way even as we’re sorting through the belongings of a recently deceased friend.

Sometimes, though, as Pema Chodron offers, one life event can shake everything up and bring the truth of endless transformation up front and center. During these times of intensity, I find freewriting practice to be especially steadying.

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