Writing Prompt Wednesdays: Changing Stories by Changing the Questions

Cultivate Clarity

IMG_2849The past two weeks’ mindfulness practices have, at their core, been about recognizing and shedding the beliefs that hold us back from being our fullest, most expansive selves. Obviously, this is something I’ve been thinking a lot about, as I’ve been shedding many of my own limiting beliefs like so many wet clothes after an unintentional encounter with water.

And one of the things that’s been helping me to release those beliefs has been shifting the type of questions I’ve been asking in response to them. As you have probably noticed, the most prominent limiting beliefs I’ve been working with have to do with men and love and desirability.

Nine years ago I had a steamy little love affair with a guy at some friends’ wedding on a ranch in Texas. It was just what I needed. Rain in the desert of my arid twenties.

But instead of just letting it be just that—a…

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