Explosive Flowers: A Mindfulness Practice

Cultivate Clarity

2014-05-02 18.22.05 In case you were wondering, Mr. Dirty-Martini-Loving, Meditating, Adventure-seeking Man DID reply to my ( totally nonattached but desirous message ) last week!

We chose bourbon over gin, but I got to talk nerdy to him all night long. “Self-directed neuroplasticity” led to “ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny” and that, obviously, led to crashing a Tango class down the street (which nobody found amusing, BTW), and eventually a walk on Mount Tabor.

Our walk in the park led us to a bench above the very reservoir where I had sat with my breaking-open heart so many days last fall. Only, instead of feeling the fibers of my most important muscle tearing apart, I felt his lips on mine.

Somewhere between talking nerdy, getting kissy, and walking away from the park bench, he lost his hat. We looked in the dark for a little bit, but found nothing.

The next morning, I met a friend for a walk…

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