Writing Prompt Wednesdays: Digging Deep into Desire

Cultivate Clarity

IMG_3858 I’ve been reading and thinking and writing a lot about meeting desire without clinging or attachment, and am finally realizing in my body how freeing and wonderful that can be! Here is a series of writing prompts to help get you in touch with desire, and maybe even feel what it’s like to experience it without grasping.

Digging Deep into Desire

  • Set your timer for three to five minutes and make a list titled “I Want”. Or do a freewrite using that as your opening phrase.
  • Read through your list (or freewrite) slowly and pay attention to how your body feels as you read it. Are there things on the list that make you feel ravenous, a deep gut-level pull? Anything that feels immediately accompanied with a sense of fear of not getting it? Anticipated disappointment? Is there anything on the list that just feels damn good to claim as a desire?
  • Pick one thing…

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