Writing Prompt Wednesdays: In Transition

Cultivate Clarity

IMG_5545 Everything is in transition all the time, and Spring is such a glorious shout out to that truth! And Spring also teaches us— with the lengthening of days, the flower buds finally popping out of the ground, and the birds doing all kind of strange and wonderful mating dances— that transition can feel GOOD. Mother freaking awesome, even.

But sometimes it feels just awful.

And sometimes, it’s the desire to change, emerge, and bust a new move that causes the most angst of all.

So below are some writing prompts related to this week’s mindfulness practice of being present with transition–no matter what the scale. Enjoy! Oh, and here are some tips for writing from prompts.

1. Take a walk. Open your eyes, nose, and ears. You’re on a mission to find things in the midst of transformation. A bud opening. A patch of snow melting. A flower becoming a leaf. Take note of all you see… it’s…

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