Writing Prompt Wednesdays: Odes to Softness

Cultivate Clarity

IMG_2588 Since this week’s mindfulness practice is all about softening when we receive blows of any and all kinds, it seems like we should get in touch with the feeling of softness . So here’s our prompt:
  • First, take 1-3 minutes to jot down any snarls that have come up for you recently or are present for you right now. Nothing is too small or too large–everything from a literal snarl in your hair to the illness of a loved one is welcome.
  • IMG_4097Next, set your timer for 5-15 minutes or more— whatever feels doable but maybe a little bit out of your comfort zone.
  • Now write an ode to all the things you can think of that are soft! Things you have experienced and things you want to experience. Use all your senses. Let your fingers fly. Get in there. See if you can give language to the way softness…

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